I Knew Dom DeLuise When He was a Priest: A Eulogy

Dom DeLuise and Joshua J Masters

News broke today that the world lost one of America’s classic comedians. Dom DeLuise passed away quietly in his sleep at a Los Angeles hospital last night at the age of 75.

From his role as a film agent in “The Muppet Movie” to his multiple collaborations with Mel Brooks, Dom was an incurable goofball. There’s bound to be a number of filmographies listed for Dom on various websites and blogs today, but I doubt any of them will mention “My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception.” 

In a moment I felt would most certainly launch my young career into cinematic fame, I met Dom in the lobby of a South Burlington hotel where we were about to start shooting a film together. It was the first… and worst movie I ever worked on. (Yes… a thousand times worse than the film I did with Billy Ray Cyrus called “Radical Jack.”) Dom played a priest in the movie (no I’m not kidding you… and if you think that’s weird, Senator Bernie Sanders had a cameo in the film as a rabbi.) I was a set decorator which is pretty much the worst job you can have in a movie that takes place at a wedding reception. You carry around Polaroid’s (that’s kind of like a digital camera with a built in printer for all the kids out there)  and make sure everyone’s Champaign glass has the same level of sparkling apple juice at the beginning of each take it had the last time you did it. After all, with such a fine film you wouldn’t want any continuity issues showing up in post production. “X-Girlfriend” also represented my first on-camera appearance. Want to guess what my one line was? Go ahead… guess. That’s right, I stumbled up to the wedding band and yelled, “Play Freebird! Play it now!” (more…)

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Words from La Mancha

Picasso's Don Quixote
“When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies?
Perhaps to be too practical is madness.
To surrender dreams, this may be madness;
to seek treasure where there is only trash.
Too much sanity may be madness!
But maddest of all is to see life ‘as it is’ and not as it should be!”

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Joshua J. Masters is a pastor, author (American Psalms), and speaker. He has been featured on CBN, HIS Radio, and the Light Radio Network.  As a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), Josh has also worked both in front of and behind the camera in the film industry.  He lives with his wife, Gina, and their dog, Franklin, in South Carolina where Josh serves as a care pastor.



© 2018 Joshua J. Masters and Kingdom Knight Productions. All rights Reserved.

© 2018 Joshua J. Masters & Kingdom Knight Productions. All rights Reserved.