Category: Family History

The Genesis of Your Dream

  When did God whisper your dream to you? How did you know it was from Him? While attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference (BRMCWC), many people asked how I got into writing. The truth is, I don’t remember…

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Mary Etta’s Diary: Going to the Grange

“…The diaries have a mild musty smell now and the penciled scrawling have begun to ware, but I sometimes enjoy opening the yellowed pages and reading what Nana (my great-grandmother) and her mother recorded on that day decades ago. Today I reflect on an entry by my great-great-grandmother, Mary Etta Stiles written on this day in 1940…”

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Nana’s Diary

  I spent much of my youth on my great-grandmother’s home. Nana llived on the family farm that had been in the Stiles family for generations. The 1977 picture of me on my pony, Snoppy has the same building as…

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