Joshua J Masters

  • Resumé Downloads:

  • Film & Television:

    CBN News

    Appeared as Self ; purpose: American Psalms

    700 Club

    Appeared as Self;  purpose: Interview on Faith-Based Recovery

    Law and Order Ep. "Mothers Day"

    Football Player;  cast: Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin

    Killer Flood

    Deputy Bloom; cast: Michele Greene, Joe Lando, Bruce Boxleitner

    Frozen Impact

    Edward the Orderly; cast: Ted McGinley, Linda Purl

    Mudge Boy

    Hay-Bailer; cast: Richard Jenkins

    Nothing Like Dreaming

    Officer Roy Bain; cast: George Woodard, Rusty DeWees

    American Gun

    Security Guard; cast: James Coburn, Barbara Bain

    Lightning: Fire From the Sky

    Lineman; cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Stacy Keach, John Schneider

    Pursuing Adrianne

    Det. Luke Wainright

    Losing the Light

    Alveys; cast: John James

    Radical Jack

    Rolland's Thug (Featured); cast: DeDee Pfeiffer, Billy Ray Cyrus

    Mud Season

    Penny’s Boyfriend;  cast: Rusty DeWees, Linda Shing


    Detective; cast: Morgan Fairchild, Michael Pare

    Moving Targets

    NY Police Officer;  cast: Burt Ward

    My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception

    Featured Wedding Guest; cast: Dom DeLuise, Deborah Gibson

    Moonlight & Mistletoe

    Office Worker; cast: Tom Arnold, Candace Cameron Bure



  • Theater:

    Essex Alliance Drama Ministry Team

    Creative Director/Various Roles

    Of Mice and Men

    Candy/ Director

    The Lion in Winter

    Prince Geoff/ Director

    South Pacific


    Our Town


    Me and My Girl

    Featured Butler

    The Three Musketeers By Haas & Gross (Original Piece)


    Romeo and Juliet

    Friar Lawrence


    Professor Van Helsing

    The Diary of Anne Frank

    Otto Frank

    The Cherry Boy Makes His Myth By Herb Propper (Original Piece)

    George Washington

    Fifth of July

    Weston Hurley

    Cinderella, Cinderella...

    The Fairy Godfather

    Scenes from American Musicals

    Various Scenes/Solos

    Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it All...


    The Pajama Game

    Sid Sorokin

    Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes

    Little Mary Sunshine

    Corp. Billy Jester


  • Commercials and Multi-Media:

    Glenns Falls Toyota (Commercial)


    Luna vs. Io (Educational CD-ROM)

    Jupiter Specialist, Voices of Zeus, Hermes, & Narrator

    OneMain.Com (Commercial)

    Hockey Fan

  • Training:

    -Advanced Acting for Film NYC workshops- Cameron Thor- Cameron Thor Studios. 2002

    -Advanced Acting for Film- Jock MacDonald- Cameron Thor Studios East: 2002

    -Johnson State College. Magna Cum Laude BA in Performing Arts

    -Stunt Apprenticeship. Falling, Fire and Saftey. Chuck Borden and Rudy Weber. 1999

    -Johnson Summer Repertory Theater Internship. Directing, Acting, Technical 1995.

    -ACTF (American College Theater Festival) Competition and Workshops. 1994.

    -Weathervane Equity Theater. Internship. Acting, Voice, Dance. 1992.


  • Special Skills:



    Dialects, Impressions (list available,) Singing (Bass/Baritone,) Horseback Riding, Voice Overs, Radio Personalities, Stage Combat, Basic Fencing, and Basic Stunts. Professional Wrestling, Singing in several styles including Country and Elvis Presley. Cooking


  • Tech Experience:

    Creative Director, Essex Alliance Church, Essex VT, 2004 – 2012

    Assisted pastor of Worship & Arts as the Creative Director for W&A Leadership Team at Essex Alliance Church. Provided support, training and teaching. Direction in video production, service direction, writing, direction of drama and testimony productions, and direction of special events such as Christmas Spectacular and worship services. Have also served in leading worship through vocal solos, being a Celebration Choir member, announcements, writing and acting. Related experience includes being a SAG-AFTRA member and working for many years in the film industry.


    Crew Filmography:


    Various Video Direction/Production/Editing: Creative Director (2004-2012) Essex Alliance Church

    Cast:  Multiple staff and volunteers

    Nothing Like Dreaming:                                    Line Producer &  1ST Assistant Director

    Cast:  George Woodard, Rusty DeWees

    Trapped: Buried Alive:                                     2nd Assistant Director

    Cast: Gabrielle Carteris, Jack Wagner

    Mud Season :                                                    2nd Assistant Director & 2nd Unit Director

    Cast: Rusty DeWees, Linda Shing

    Frozen Impact:                                                  Locations Manager

    Cast: Ted McGinley, Linda Purl, Stacy Keach

    Murder in Small Town X (FOX):                        VT Production Assistant

    American Gun:                                                  Locations Manager

    Cast: James Coburn, Barbara Bain

    Lightning: Fire From the Sky:                         Locations Manager

    Cast: Stacy Keach, John Schneider, Jesse Eisenberg

    The Logger Volume 2:                                     Video Assistant

    Cast: Rusty DeWees

    Peril                                                                  Talent Transportation & Stunt Apprentice

    Cast: Morgan Fairchild, Michael Pare

    Radical Jack                                                    Production Assistant

    Cast: Billy Ray Cyrus, DeDee Pfieffer

    My Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception          Set Dresser

    Cast: Dom DeLuise, Deborah Gibson

    Snow Taxi  (HBO)                                             Props/Wardrobe Commercial                              Script Supervisor




    Essex Alliance Christmas Spectacular (2004-2012) Creative Director   Essex Alliance- Ongoing

    Essex Alliance Drama Ministry (2004-2009)  Creative Director

    Of Mice and Men                                             Director

    The Lion in Winter                                          Director

    An Evening with Mark Twain                         Stage Manager/Lighting

    Lonely Planet                                                  Stage Manager/Lighting

    On the Verge                                                    Asst. S.M. / Lighting

    Annie Get Your Gun                                        Prop Master

    Me and My Girl                                                 Props

    The Three Musketeers                                    Props

    Romeo and Juliet                                           Costume Assistant

    Julius Caesar                                                  Asst. lighting Designer


    Special Skills/ Interests:

    Writing, Directing, Editing (Movie Edit Pro and Adobe Cloud), Filming, Teaching, Computers, Horseback Riding, Improvisation, Voice-Overs.




  • Video Production Samples:

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