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A New Revolution

    Do you want to experience real change in the New Year? If we want to find purpose in our lives, we have to understand the purpose we were created for.   For everything comes from [God] and exists …

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What is the Cost of Following Jesus?

What is the cost of following Jesus? I was honored to speak at Brookwood Church last Sunday when we explored that question together. The passage from Luke 14:25-35 can be a difficult one for many of us (myself included). So …

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13 Reasons Why and Discussing Teen Suicide

<AUDIO: Addressing Teen Suicide in the Media Podcast> As the pastor who oversees Celebrate Recovery and the Landing at my church, I was recently asked to join a podcast discussion about teen suicide and its portrayal in the controversial Netflix series, …

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When I Think, “I’m Not Strong Enough.”

[VIDEO: When I Think, “I’m not Strong Enough”] A Think This, Not That Post. I’ve always had a deep desire to become a knight. When I was young (although not as young as one would hope for such a thing), I …

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Heroes of Faith Training: Identity & Purpose

  [VIDEO: The Bat Pastor Teaches on Identity and Purpose] Are you trying to become a Hero of Faith? Join the Bat Pastor as he shares these short and practical training exercises that will help you pursue a relationship with …

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What Do You Grab in Times of Crisis?

Before I stopped living the life of Jonah and answered God’s call on my life, I had a predictably failed career in the film and theater industries. My first paid roles came sooner than I expected, the summer before college, …

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