Journey of Healing Pt.1 – Realize I’m Not God

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Some of you reading this title may say, “Obviously, I’m not God. I know that,” but you may be surprised to learn that the way we live our lives often says otherwise.

As a pastor, I’ve seen immense healing come through the relationship people learn to pursue with Jesus in Celebrate Recovery (adults) and the Landing (teens). Many people think these ministries are just for overcoming chemical addiction, but two-thirds of the people who attend are there to find God’s victory over other hurts or sin issues (e.g. pride, self-esteem, anger, a history of abuse, sexual sin, codependency, relationship issues, grief, overspending, the list goes on-and-on).

Regardless of what you may need healing from, the first step in that journey is to “realize I’m not God.” In this  Brookwood Church Care Ministries podcast, I’m joined by fellow Brookwood Church pastors, Gene Beckner and Doug Wildman to discuss the first of 8 principles used in Celebrate Recovery and the Landing. These principles, developed by Saddleback Church, are drawn from the words of Christ spoken in the Sermon on the Mount, so they can be used to strengthen your walk with Jesus even if you’ve never attended one of these ministries. The first principle reads:

Realize I’m not God; I admit that I am powerless to control my tendency to do the wrong thing and that my life is unmanageable.
“Happy are those who know that they are spiritually poor.” (Matthew 5:3)*

The Brookwood Ministries Podcast is officially available through the church website, the Brookwood Church App, iTunes, and your device’s podcast app. Episodes from Care Ministries (including this series) are posted on our Facebook Page.

No matter what I need healing from, the journey begins with realizing I’m not God. #CelebrateRecovery local ministry #podcast




*The 8 Principles, Celebrate Recovery, and the Landing is copyrighted material and trademarks of Celebrate Recovery and Saddleback Church. They may, however, be used by other churches that adhere to the DNA requirements of Celebrate Recovery.

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© 2018 Joshua J. Masters and Kingdom Knight Productions. All rights Reserved.

© 2018 Joshua J. Masters & Kingdom Knight Productions. All rights Reserved.