Author: Joshua J Masters

After Easter

[VIDEO: After Easter by Joshua J Masters]

It’s the week after Easter. Our holiday clothes are back on their hangers, and our empty tomb memes are falling further down our social media pages. The leftover ham is tucked snuggly into the refrigerator, ready for its role in a much less grand series of lunches. Life will return to normal this week. But should it?


Life for the disciples didn’t return to normal after the resurrection. They could not say, “What a lovely Resurrection Day,” pretending the significance of Christ’s return would merely last a day. They tried to return to a normal life.

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When I Think, “I’m Not Strong Enough.”

[VIDEO: When I Think, “I’m not Strong Enough”]

A Think This, Not That Post.

I’ve always had a deep desire to become a knight. When I was young (although not as young as one would hope for such a thing), I wrote a letter to the Queen of England asking what deed I might perform to make me worthy of knighthood in her eyes. That was about twenty-five years ago—but the Queen is very busy; I’m sure she’ll get back to me soon. The truth is, I don’t always feel like I have the strength to be me, let alone the strength to be a knight.

There are events in our lives that knock the wind out of us, events that make us feel we don’t have the strength to fight or even stand. The truth is, we probably don’t have enough strength to stand on our own in those moments.

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A Pruning by Any Other Name

[Video: A Pruning by Any Other Name]

When Gina and I bought our house, we fell in love with the landscaping. The previous owners meticulously designed the property to bloom in cycles. This created a seasonal adventure in our own yard, allowing us to see something new blooming nearly every week. Never having owned a house before, I didn’t know much about gardening. What I can tell you (now that I know what they are) is that the Knock Out Roses in the back were completely out of control.


Everything I read told me to prune the rose bushes all the way down—basically to the stubs. But I couldn’t imagine how that could be good for the plant, so I just cut off the excess and made them look pretty. The result was that the bushes were not nearly as healthy. They struggled because I was looking at short-term aesthetics over long-term growth.

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The Most Important Comma in Human History


[VIDEO: The Most Important Comma in Human History]

This week celebrates National Grammar Day, so before you light your punctuation fireworks or fire up a grill to cook those exclamation dogs, let’s take a few minutes to consider what may be the most significant use of grammar in human history—a single comma in the English Bible.

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Choices: Slippery When Wet

After breakfast this morning, Franklin the Pup was anxious to go outside. He sat by the back door ready to run into his fenced-in back yard. He looked up, waiting for me to release him, and then leaped through the door…

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How to Pray for a President You Can’t Stand.

Can’t bring yourself to pray for our new president? Perhaps you can, but can’t fathom the idea of praying for the president who just left office?   Today is President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday (observed), a federal holiday celebrating the…

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