American Psalms


American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot is available in Print, Kindle and Nook editions.


Steeped in American history with a strong biblical foundation, American Psalms takes the reader on a one-year journey of spiritual growth with weekly prayers for the nation, psalms for special days of prayers, relevant teachings to enhance your perspective and worksheets designed to promote prayer for America’s leaders. With prayers spanning subjects from our troops to the presidency, from NASA to the fishing industry, and from the economy to our children’s teachers, Masters has covered nearly every aspect of American society with scripture-based prayer while teaching the reader how to regularly pray for our nation without political bias


In a political atmosphere of division, this book promotes a non-partisan approach to praying for America. More than a book of prayers, American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot, offers a worship-based approach to becoming a Praying Patriot. Filled with Scripture-focused prayer, tips for your own spiritual formation and tools to fulfill God’s command to pray for those in authority over us, this book will renew your heart for the nation that gives personal liberty and the God who gives eternal freedom.


Book Contents

Part I: Preamble

The Kingdom and the Nation

Praying the Word of God


Part II: Weekly Prayers for the Nation

A Declaration of Prayer

A Prayer for our President

A Prayer for the Legislature

A Prayer for the Judicial System

A Prayer for America’s Sovereignty

A Prayer for our Military Leaders

A Prayer for our Troops

A Prayer for our Military Families

A Call to Repentance

A Prayer for America’s Faith

A Prayer for America’s Generosity

A Prayer for America’s Freedom

A Prayer for our Local Leaders

A Prayer for our Firefighters

A Prayer for our Police Officers

A Prayer for our Teachers

A Call to Prayer and Fasting

A Prayer for America’s Pastors

A Prayer for the American Church

A Call for Workers in the Harvest

A Prayer for the President’s Cabinet

A Prayer for our Vice President

A Prayer for the Chief of Staff

A Prayer for the Secretary of State

A Prayer for the Secretary of Defense

A Prayer for the CIA

A Prayer for the FBI

A Prayer for the Secret Service

A Prayer for Veterans Affairs

A Prayer for Homeland Security

A Prayer for NASA

A Call to Worship

A Prayer for our Entertainers

A Prayer for our Sports Heroes

A Prayer for our News Media

A Prayer for our Farmers

A Prayer for our Fishermen

A Prayer for our Workforce

A Prayer for America’s Infrastructure

A Prayer for Israel

A Prayer for the Jewish People

A Prayer for Israeli Relations

A Prayer for an American Revival

A Call to Financial Stewardship

A Prayer for our Economy

A Prayer for the Homeless and the Jobless

A Prayer for America’s CEOs

A Call to Physical Stewardship

A Prayer for Healthcare Providers

A Prayer for Widows and Orphans

A Prayer for America’s Elderly

Our Coming King


Part III: Psalms for Special Days of Prayer

New Year’s Day


The National Day of Prayer

Memorial Day

Independence Day

September Eleventh (Patriots Day)

Election Season

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day


During Natural Disasters


Part IV: Praying Patriot Worksheets
Real Prayers for Real People



Table of Inserts

The Praying Patriot

Presidential Prayers

Encouraging Legislators

Praying for the Military

Praying for Teachers

Pray the Names

Praying for Government Agencies

Praying for a Bridge is Boring

The Fasting Challenge

Praying for Missionaries

The Partisan Prayer

God’s Creation

Praying for Celebrities

Why Am I Praying for Israel?

Hope in Financial Freedom


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What People are Saying

“American Psalms challenges Christian patriots to put aside personal agendas, prejudices and partisanship, and pray for our leaders as God commands.”

 -Mike Huckabee, author of A Simple Government


“…American Psalms, is tremendous! It is an uplifting, faith-filled treasury of inspiring prayers, solidly based in Scripture—‘an answer to prayer’ for our country at this critical time.”  [more]

 -William J. Federer, nationally known speaker, best selling author of America‘s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations


American Psalms is a concise prayer guide for those who are new to intercession as well as those who are seasoned prayer leaders. In addition to motivating readers to pray for all aspects of our nation, this resource provides strategic prayer points and handy worksheets. This is a useful tool for all prayer leaders.”

 -Mary Bruce, National Day of Prayer Northeast National Area Leader


Interviews about American Psalms


CBN News Broadcast


Recorded for Memorial Day with Joshua J Masters and CBN reporter, Mark Martin.

405 Radio Interview (edited for time)
Tami Jackson Show


Segment 1 (0:00):
Josh’s life and acting history.


Segment 2 (11:36):

American Psalms (the book)


Segment 3 (22:18):

The National Day of Prayer and

Praying for our Leaders.


Segment 4 (29:16):

More about the book and prayer.


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